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27th Annual Managers and Educators Conference

"The Affordable Care Act and Its Impact on the Delivery of Respiratory Care"

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27th Annual Managers and Educators Conference, June 5 & 6 at the Winter Cove Inn, Round Top, NY. Join your local managers and educators from NJ and NY to discuss "Affordable Care Act and Its Impact" in respiratory care. Featured general session topic "The Positive and Negative Aspects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Their Impact on the Respiratory Care Profession" and breakout sessions include "The ACA and Respiratory Care Education" for educators and for managers "Preparing Department Managers to Meet Professional Challenges Brought About by Health Care Reform"


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Seeking Writers for Scope Newsletter

We invite our readers to submit articles of interest to our quarterly newsletter.  Any topic related to our profession is welcome.  Please send your final draft to our website and limit the narrative to 500 words or less.  Currently we have two columns which we are soliciting.

The Manager’s Forum column encourages managers to submit information on broad topics affecting our industry.  However a manager may talk about simple management concerns as well such as cause and effects on outcomes in their facility or business.  Another venue is the “Not a Job, an Adventure”, which invites clinicians to share their clinical experiences.  The Board reserves the right to edit the content for layout and printing.

All input is welcome!  Submit your article.

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