COPD Task Force Established

Exciting news came out of Trenton Monday, November 9 as Governor Christie signed a law establishing a COPD Task Force. Included in the task force is a respiratory therapist. The NJSRC has submitted two names that will bring experience and knowledge of what therapists are doing nationally with managing COPD. The Task Force is to conduct an investigation on and study strategies to promote public awareness about the causes of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in order to increase knowledge about the importance of early diagnosis and treatment, effective prevention strategies, and disease management.

The task force will be required to: determine what existing resources are currently being utilized Statewide for COPD; evaluate the effectiveness of COPD treatment and prevention strategies currently in place in the State; examine the current scientific base of knowledge concerning COPD through surveillance, epidemiology, and research; and investigate the need for improving the quality and accessibility of existing community-based services related to COPD.

We will announce the respiratory therapist chosen once the Governor has appointed the individual.

December NJSRC board meeting is rescheduled to December 2.

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